My Rifle:


The sniper rifle you know from all of my videos has gotten a 2020 update. The Novritsch SSG10 – a spring powered airsoft sniper rifle with internals that can handle springs up to M220 (750fps). It has a precision hop up chamber and a 6.01mm precision barrel installed for incomparable precision out of the box. No tuning or modification needed.

A black rifle stands out quite a bit in vegetation so I made my own camo skins for a selection of rifles.



My absolute favorite sidearm is the Novritsch SSP-1. It is a pre-upgraded Gas Blow Back Pistol which can be operated with both CO2 (1J / 330 fps) and Gas (0.8J / 310fps). It is an out of the box solution and doesn’t need any further modification or tuning. It is built to last and it will not let you down when you need it.

Silent Sidearm:


When stealth is needed. The Novritsch SSX23 is king. It’s a pre-upgraded non blowback pistol running on green gas (0.8-1.1 Joules) With the modular suppressor it’s extremely quiet allowing me to take down my enemies one by one. The incredible accuracy if this pistol allows me to use it as a primary too.



Quality BBs are the most underrated thing ever when it comes to accuracy and performance. They make a WORLD of difference. I use Geoffs 0.45g in most cases. Quality control is excellent ensuring every shot is the same.



Finding a pair of goggles that would not fog up was super important as I have had this issue often in the past (like most players). Thankfully I found the Pyramex I-Force Goggles. These things absolutely do not fog up due to the dual pane lens and acetate layer coating the inside of the goggles. They also come with a strap but I have never needed to use it as it sits very stable on my head.



I have been using the Runcam Scopecam for a very long time for every video on my channel. This version is dedicated to airsoft. The scopecam has a full aluminium body (cannot be damaged by airsoft shots), integrated picatinny rail mount, integrated hardened glass in front of the lens and optimized software dedicated to making scopecam videos.

Silo Scope Set:


The scope I have been using on my sniper rifles is the Swiss Arms Scope 3-9×40. Optical clarity is king here. Being able to see my shots as clear as possible is vital. Out of every scope I tried, this came out on top. The scope set comes with a bubble level to make sure your first shot is always dead straight. The killflash and sunshade tube assure you won’t be blinded or given away by the sun’s glare. This scope has outperformed my other 150-300 dollar scopes by far.



To carry my magazines I opted to carry an extra magazine for my sniper rifle in a “dummy” magazine that bolts right into the existing bolt holes on my SSG-10. My reloads have never been faster with an extra magazine so close to the one loaded in the rifle.

The carrying rig I chose is the Novritsch Harness Gen2. It’s fairly stiff which keeps the molle attachment points nice and straight on my body. The belt has a soft velcro material on the inside. Combined with the velcro Novritsch belt Gen2 it does an excellent job keeping everything from bouncing around whilst running.