SSG-50 Stock MKI for SSG10


The SSG-50 is a 3D printed customizable stock for the SSG10 airsoft rifle (not included).

  • Incredible durability – even without a rifle installed it can support the weight of a 75kg (165 lbs) person (see below for more details)
  • Highly customizable – pick your own grip, buttstocks and attachments. Anything goes.
  • Quick reloads – features a “dummy magazine” which holds an extra SSG10 magazine for super fast reloads
  • Easy disassembly – on field disassembly with only 2 bolts holding on the top rail
  • Compatible with full thrust / left hand conversion
  • Compatible with AEG grips & M4 style buttstocks
  • Compatible with SSG10, VSR-10 clones only with SSG10 style hopup block.

SSG10A1 Stock: 720g
SSG50 Stock (including grip & buttstock): 1320g
SSG10A2 Stock: 1800g

*Does NOT include a rifle, bipod, scope, grip or buttstock unless added to your order*

Get it by April 19 - April 23