M4 / AR-15 Gun Camo Wrap

45.00 37.00

The M4 Gun Camo Wraps are made out of durable car wrapping material that’s easy to apply using basic tools.


Fits on all M4 models with minimal cutting.

  • ICS M4 Models.
  • G&G M4 Models.
  • Krytac M4 Models.
  • Specna Arms M4 Models.
  • Classic Army M4 Models.
  • Tokyo Marui M4 Models.
  • WE M4 Models.
  • KWA M4 Models.
  • Lancer Tactical M4
  • Flecktarn
  • Gold
  • Hexcam
  • Howl
  • Hyperbeast
  • Mcam
M4 / AR-15 Gun Camo Wrap