I chose my gear carefully to achieve the best combination of functionality and agility. I believe that speed is the key to be a great airsoft player.

Sniper rifle: SSG24

BBs: Nov 0.46g bio

Scope: Nov scope 3-9x zoom

Scopecam: Nov scopecam 35mm / Brainexploder 35mm

Buttstock pouch: OD Buttstock pouch

Selfiecam: Mobius Action Cam

Semi-auto pistol: Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 5.1

Full-auto pistol: Tokyo Marui Hi-capa 4.3 Extreme

Holster: Cytac Hi-capa holster

Eye protection glasses: I-force Pyramex glasses (DON’T FOG EVER)

BDU combat shirt: UF-pro Striker XT gen2 combat shirt (flecktarn)

BDU pants: UF-pro Striker XT gen2 pants (flecktarn)

BDU elbow protection: UF-pro flex pads

BDU knee protection: UF-pro flex pads

Ghillie: Sprinter Custom Ghillie

Boonie hat: Sprinter Custom Ghillie

Facemask: One Tigris mask

Headcam: GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Gloves: Enola Gaye FUG Gloves

Carry harness: Condor H-Harness

Carry belt: Condor Battle Belt

Magpouches: Nuprol open top mag pouch x4

Radio: Baofeng UV-5R

Shoes: Solomon Quest 4D 2 GTX